Health Testing

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Framework for Chihuhaua Health Testing at ADRAHIL Chihuahaus.


Health testing is something that is encouraged within the breed overseas, but not utilised or well understood here in Australia. Importing my boys from America and Canada, who are health tested for their eyes, heart and patellas has led me to consider what is in place here in Australia to follow on with health testing.

2016 will see the beginning of a process here at Adrahil Chihuahuas of engaging in a structured Framework for Chihauhua Health Testing which mirrrors that of the Canine Health Information Centre (CHIC) program established in the US. The three assessments that have been identified as breed specific for chihauhaus under the CHIC framework are eye, heart and patella grading.

The links in the subpages for Health Testing will supply information on the conduct of the tests, the validity of results and the benefits for health testing.

I will further expand on this as I begin to go through this process and I am more than happy to work on suggestions made by any other interested parties that are practical and applicable.

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